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We are a production studio specializing in real-time asset creation for all real-time purposes. We are focusing on supporting real-time art asset creation for any industry. AAA and mobile games, VR/AR applications, film and episodic, architectural and medical visualizations and education.

We offer an array of a la carte services including concept art and design, dynamically scalable offsite art department to suit our clients evolving needs, real-time asset creation (modeling, texturing, rigging, vfx and deployment, tech art integration, previs, character and prop animation, C#/Python development, pipeline services and shot work.

We guarantee high quality assets that seamlessly integrate into your pipeline. Our artists are trained on all the latest software packages and are industry leaders, ready to push the envelope for you. We are optimization experts and guarantee our assets will meet or exceed your performance requirements.


Our team is expert at creative production. It’s what we as individuals have been doing for decades. CAMD was launched a little under 10 years ago and has been servicing the film industry’s biggest block buster films since it’s inception. We have been on the cutting edge of creative invention and pushing the envelope for a decade. We are now fully dedicated to taking this innovation and inventiveness to real time applications.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about how we can be of service to you, please go to our contact us page, We'd love to hear from you. 

Creature and Character Dev

Production Services

Process Consulting

With 10 years of experience in Characters and Creatures... we've created characters for holograms, animated features, block buster films, games, VR/AR. We've created creatures for the big screen, PC, console and mobile platforms.

Need us to run a production in-house for you - we are capable and professional. We can embed a team here in our facility in Marin County to service your creative needs. Our team can work internally or externally with your team. We will take every step to insure seamless integration of our assets into your pipeline.

Not sure how to produce your content? Wondering if you could do it better? We have invented or learned proven processes that work and save hours, days, weeks or months - let us take a look.

Pipeline Consulting

911 Services

In a jam? We've been there,

we can help!

Need a new pipeline or need a pipeline fixed, let us take look.