Where it all began...

CAMDrt takes advantage of it's facilities, all here in Marin County, the original location of Lucasfilm, ILM and the birthplace of Pixar, THX, Photoshop and CG Creatures - and is now servicing the world of real-time development, from games to VR/AR experiences and more.

CAMDrt is located where it AND CGI were born... Marin County California - many of our team have been key team members party to the most paramount creations in film history...

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With indoor and outdoor shooting space, pyro permits and other practical shooting advantages, the old "Kerner Optical" buildings are still very active for Mocap, Games, Film, Television and VR.

"C-building" houses one of the largest sound and mocap studios in Northern California as well as almost unlimited power and data bandwidth to scale to any size production, virtual or local.

With 135 seats, "C Theater" is certified by and the birthplace of THX. In-addition we are Dolby© Stereo 3D compatible. Great for dailies, presentations and screenings of your latest and greatest creations. C Theater also hosts The Bay Area Visual Effects Society film screenings.

In-addition, we have ample space for expansion or in-source space for maximum collaboration. "Mix-B" Screening room (and Xbox theater) with full THX Surround Sound and ACES projection (Including Dolby 3D). Extra desks and workstations for contractors or embed your team here with us!

"Mix-B" Screen Room

Plenty of room for expansion