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VFX Supervisor

A detail and results oriented, VFX supervisor specializing in real time asset creation and production and an exceptional team leader with a solid, 20+ years experience and credits in both the gaming and film/tv industries.

Over the years I have led and collaborated on challenging and fun projects in the visual effects industry that perfectly capture my client’s vision. I have worked with many different studios and in widely diverse environments over my decades long career, I am flexible and adept at surveying my clients and team needs, to achieve and exceed the desired visual and performance targets of the task at hand. I create reasonable and achievable time frames and expectations leading to time tested and proven results.

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Creative Director / Producer

A technology-driven storyteller with a passion to engage audiences worldwide, Anthony was the driving creative force of the recent top-rated themed VR entertainment experience, “Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z”. Previously Anthony was the Creative Director behind the  “19 Crimes Talking Wine Bottle AR App”. Anthony developed the virtual production pipeline for Imagemovers Digital (Disney) and served a decade working on Oscar-winning VFX blockbusters.

Anthony’s thrives on deconstructing problems too find solutions, discovering product-market fit, human-centered design, product management and creative strategy. Anthony is a great public speaker and industry leader.

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Director of Animation

James has more than 16 years of professional experience in animation and storytelling. He has worked in the Industry's leading FX houses like Weta Digital(King Kong, Avatar, Tin Tin), Industrial Light & Magic (Iron Man2) and DreamWorks Animation (How to Train your Dragon 2, Madagascar 3). 


Combined with several years of business management and entrepreneurship - having co-founded a number of Start-Ups, James is able to run high-end creative productions from a quality standpoint whilst balancing budgets and schedules. 

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Director of Lighting

As an Emmy Award winner Kevin has contributed to producing visuals for a staggering number of block-buster film and realtime titles. Kevin was educated in a combination of fine arts and computer science both of which set the foundation for later positions in studios such as Pixar and Dreamworks. It is fun to watch Kevin's passions come forward as he describes the many exciting roles he has held in the vastly differing areas of 3D feature film animation, virtual reality, VFX and more. His latest collaboration was with a research and development team creating ground breaking photo-realistic digital humans. Currently Kevin Edwards is working with a variety of clients as a 3D visual-content consultant.  

1 part artistic, 1 part technical, 1 part story teller, 3 parts problem solver = Kevin Edwards.  "My tools are keyboards, VR headsets and massive computer servers. I love the process of "painting" the images with the use of bleeding-edge technology, and getting the opportunity to work along side and lead teams of other brilliant technical artists."

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lEAD Technical Artist 


I have worked in game development as a 3D character artist and rigger for over 10 years. During that time some of the titles I have shipped are Tomb Raider, Brutal Legend, Iron Brigade, Empires & Allies, and Star Wars Commander. 

While at Disney Interactive/Imagineering, I established the character pipeline which ended up being the foundation for all the game teams moving forward. I also created the studio's best practices documentation and helped with the critique and management of our external outsourcers to deliver high quality assets under tight production deadlines.

I’m a team player, extremely hard working and very positive minded.



lEAD VFX Artist

Shen is a seasoned VFX Artist with over 10 years of experience creating VFX for some of the highest grossing AAA games to date. His body of work includes Halo 4, Just Cause 3, Gunheart, Gigantic, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Guild Wars 2, to mention a few. Shen has been a speaker at GDC speaking to art direction for stylized VFX (2017) and the challenges associated with creating VFX for virtual reality (2018).

Shen views VFX as problems that need intentional solutions instead of being used as visual filler. He aspires to create VFX that you want to see over and over again and takes on tasks, regardless of size, to deliver consistent, high quality work. This makes him a real asset to our team.

In addition to being highly creative and forward thinking VFX artist, Shen enjoys challenging himself through learning new skills and commuting by public transportation.

scott c


creative officer

San Francisco based animation and film artist, technologist and producer, Scott built his career on  CG and Technology. As a part of a crew that achieved recognition from the Academy of Arts and Sciences with an Academy Award© win in 2006 he worked at Lucasfilm, LTD in both Marin County and San Francisco, California.

"I am forever grateful to the CG and Animation  community for building me up and launching me into rewarding creative entrepreneurship. It is in this crucible that I discovered the real power of work culture, cohesive work communities and persistent business development which supports and produces mind-bending storytelling, whether linear or interactive." 

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Executive Producer

Over 30 years in animation, experience in building artist teams and designing production processes for creative work environments. Specializing in artist and production management. Stuart's background includes animation, games and visual effects.

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Content Strategy Director

David has delivered outstanding content for award winning films and interactive experiences as a producer, supervisor, technical director, modeler, rigger, and simulator at Adobe, Industrial Light and Magic, Tippett, Laika, and Pixar. He brings decades of experience as a digital artist and proven manager in creating 3D content and core pipelines that enrich participants through digital art. David passionately embraces technology as a canvas to create experiences that engage audiences. 


David has achieved results in small startups and large corporate environments leading teams and contributing hands-on as an artist and technologist, guiding strategy for software assets and character animation. His background in scientific research and anatomy play into his intense excitement for leading the generation of robots, orcs, rodents, bugs, turtles, and out of this world creatures that anthropomorphize untold stories.


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Director of game design

Joe has been creating digital experiences for over 20 years, with the past 13 focused on games. He's spent much time in the trenches as a designer and implementor, and grown into a team leader and creative director. Along the way, he's learned, created, and tested out a variety of processes for achieving a successful collaboration amongst varying disciplines, with a focus on execution - from idea to product.

Having successfully launched many titles for companies such as LeapFrog, Zynga and Disney, including 6 multi-platform mobile games, Joe has designed numerous experiences, from narrative-based features to deep and meaningful systems. His creative talents combined with a highly organized set of processes have not only brought many products to life, but seen them through long spans of live operation.




David has been a professional artist in the video game industry for 12 years. Over his career he has worked for some of the most well known companies in the mobile space including, Disney Interactive, Kabam and Jam City among others.


With a foundation in traditional drawing and painting, David has the ability to adapt styles to fit the project needs. His focus is on strong draftsmanship and clear, intended design in order to better support the other segments of the production pipeline.


Apart from doing work himself, he has also lead and mentored teams of artists.





I've been a technical artist for 10+ years in the entertainment industry with most of my focus on video games.  While I've predominately created tools and pipelines for artists, I've also worked extensively with numerous engineering teams and game designers all while maintaining the efficiency and performance of the product.  Having worked at various companies of different sizes and financial resources I'm well versed in understanding a product, it's target audience, and working within the parameters of that team and their technical framework to create the best possible end results.  What I enjoy about my career has been collaborating with incredibly talented people to make interesting and engaging experiences for our users to enjoy.



lEAD Environment aRTIST

Kris Kaufman is an industry veteran having worked in visual effects, game development and commercial production for over 17 years. Kaufman has had substantial experience as a CG generalist, environment artist and lead as a member of well-known boutique studios contributing to the development of dozens of high profile titles for over 14 years. He has created environments for real time mixed immersive reality television shows and most recently, supervised over the development of a new television series for an iconic franchise using real time technology to aid in virtual set previsualization.